“I’m constantly thinking of how things within us can be mimicked outwardly..."

Julia Chiang (b. 1978) is a Brooklyn-based painter, sculptor, and installation artist. Chiang uses text and familiar imagery to create works that consist of repeating patterns that are once serene and challenging. The patterns reflect the spirit of the handmade, embracing the imperfections that occur in the process of repetition. Her fascination with multiplicity also raises questions regarding whether meaning is strengthened or weakened through repetition and how skills can be reinforced and ingrained through such a process. Chiang also often utilizes unconventional materials such as ring pops and fresh flowers. Her text-based works are ambiguous yet touched with a sense of sentimentality and universality.


Julia Chiang received a BA in studio art and art history from New York University in 2000. Solo exhibitions of her work include, “Security Is Mostly A Superstition” (Half Gallery, NY, 2011), “Forever And Longer” (Colette, Paris, 2012), and “SPIT SWEAT SHHH” (The Modern Institute, 2019). Her works have been shown at multiple locations including Nanzuka Gallery (Tokyo), the New Museum Shop (New York), Deitch Projects (New York), and OHWOW Gallery (Miami). She has also collaborated with brands and groups such as The Standard and the Parisian boutique colette to produce various limited edition products.



Photo: Julia Chiang photographed by Chris Mosier