Painter George Rouy Flirts With Abstraction

Ella Martin-Gachot, Cultured Magazine, September 8, 2023
Since breaking into the art scene after graduating from London’s Camberwell College of Arts in 2015, Rouy has taken an almost totemic approach to his painterly study of the human form. Although his aesthetic forefathers have shifted from Fernando Botero to Albert Oehlen in the past eight years, the artist retains a faith in the double-edged sword of accessibility and opacity that depicting the body affords him. The glitchy, delirious, and sometimes claustrophobic polyphony of paintings that make up “Endless Song,” his solo show on view at New York’s Nicola Vassell Gallery, marks an exciting new chapter in Rouy’s anatomic dissertation. To honor its opening, CULTURED sat down with the London-based painter to discuss his process. 
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