How Rising Art Star Alvaro Barrington Charmed London's Top Galleries Into Breaking Their Own Rules for the Chance to Wor

Kate Brown, Artnet News, January 13, 2020

It’s unusual to hear about an emerging artist who has 10 years’ worth of work already mapped out in his mind. It’s even more unusual to hear that that artist is rolling out his magnum opus at top galleries—just two and a half years out of art school. But 36-year-old Alvaro Barrington doesn’t let tradition dictate his career. In fact, he’s made it a point to break the rules.


Most surprisingly, Barrington insists on having collaborative representation with six different galleries, four of which are in London. He also combines his erudite art shows with spirited happenings outside the white cube, like backlot concerts, a pop-up jerk chicken stand, and a Caribbean carnival float.

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