ARTNews: Poetic Physics: Nicola Vassell Brings Fred Eversley and Alteronce Gumby's Science-Based Artworks to Miami

Colony Little, ARTnews, November 30, 2021

Energy, distilled to its essence is power, or more specifically, the capacity of power. One of the quintessential expressions of energy is Newton’s experimentation with light focused through a prism to create a rainbow of color.


At Art Basel Miami Beach, which opens today to VIP guests and runs through Sunday, New York’s Nicola Vassell Gallery will present a two-person booth featuring the work of artists Fred Eversley and Alteronce Gumby. Titled “Color Vaults,” the presentation will look at the two artists’ shared affinity for space. For the art fair, viewers will see how Eversley and Gumby are kindred spirits engaging in an intergenerational dialogue that explores the way each artist renders the concept of energy through their distinct use of light and color.

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