Everything, Everywhere and more with Alteronce Gumby

Tiana Ashley, Art Currently, October 11, 2022

A part of my practice is constantly trying to redefine color for myself, so I hope that my work, and visiting my show allow them to see color in a new life, form, and experience. And also seeing paintings in a new way- my paintings are not the traditional or textbook definition of a painting. Paint out of a tube on stretched linen, hanging on a wall – you’re not really seeing any of that in my show. You’re seeing alternative mediums like glass, gemstones, and resin. I’m trying to push the genre of abstract painting forward, and painting in general. In order to do that I have to develop a new identity almost for how my paintings are perceived, or constructed. I hope that other artists can come to my show and they’re inspired, the same way I’m inspired by other artists.