Elizabeth Schwaiger’s dwellings are densely populated, spectral, living spaces. Incandescent lighting enhances the panorama of these art and object filled interiors as well loved and lived in rooms.

Elizabeth Schwaiger (b. 1985, Texas)is a research-based artist living and working in Brooklyn. She received her MFA from the Glasgow School of Art in 2011. In her decade-long exploration of power dynamics and the looming climate crises, Schwaiger uses a variegated symbolism of water, fracturing, dimensional overlay, gesture, and dialed levels of representational clarity to construct images suggestive of the interplay of the unseen forces that govern our world.


Schwaiger has exhibited in venues and biennials in the UK and the USA including in The Walker Gallery National Museum in Liverpool, The Macintosh Museum in Glasgow, The National Portrait Gallery in London, Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, Glasgow International, Embassy Gallery in Edinburgh, Blue Star Contemporary in San Antonio, and Co-Lab Projects and GrayDUCK Gallery in Austin. She was recently awarded a residency by The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation at the artist's studio estate on Captiva Island, Florida.

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